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CKC Reg'd Newfoundland dog breeder

 in Perth, Ontario, Canada. 

Newfoundland dog image: Tillie (Guinness x Cookie)  at Signal Hill, Nfld 

Photo by Nicole Watson

Tillie at Signal Hill, Nfld

Recent Photos:

Thank you so much to all of the families who continue to send their photos!
(especially since have been so slow to update my site)

Newfoundland dog image: Avalon (Schooner x Navy)celebrates her 8th birthday  Happy 2nd Birthday Lexi (Ike x Louise)  Landseer Newfoundland: Louise  Happy 3rd Birthday Diesel (Obelix x Louise) 
Happy 8th Birthday!
(January 21, 2008)
Happy 2nd Birthday!
(October 28, 2013)
Happy 6th Birthday!
(October 9, 2009)
Happy 3rd Birthday!
(September 19, 2012)


Newfoundland dog image: Baron Kis (Ike x Mabel) celebrates this beautiful day with his family.  Newfoundland puppy image: Annie (Ike x Willow); Grade 3 Graduation!  Tillie (Guinness x Cookie) sitting beside newly erected statue of Gander (Nfld)  Landseer Newfoundland: Barnaby (Ike x Navy)& Golden Retriever 
Baron Kis
'Best Man' 
Grade 3 Graduate!
Mathilda in front of
Statue of Gander (Nfld)
Barnaby is now certified as a
St John's Ambulance Therapy Dog 

 Tillie at Cape Spear, Nfld Mathilda at Signal Hill, Nfld  Paddington Bear at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
Mathilda at Cape Spear (Nfld)
Mathilda at Signal Hill (Nfld)
Paddington Bear
at Peggy's Cove (NS)

January 2016:
Landseer Newfoundland: Doyle (Excalibur x Penny)  Happy New Year! from Bailey (Ike x Willow) Newfoundland pup: Annie Newfoundland dog: Murphy (Ike x Louise) Newfoundland dog: Bella (Ike x Mabel)
Doyle Bailey Annie Murphy Rowe Bella


Happy 1st Birthday

(January 25, 2015)

Newfoundland dog image: Oscar (formerly Gene)  Newfoundland dog: Nanakaia (formerly Mikayla) Newfoundland pup: Annie Paddington Bear (formerly Brad)
Oscar Nanakaia Annie Paddington Bear


Newfoundland dog: Moose (formerly Dana) Newfoundland dog:Sailor (formerly Russell) Finley (formerly Steele)  Newfoundland dog: Bailey
Moose Sailor Finley Bailey

December (2015):

Lexi (Ike x Louise) celebrating Xmas with Olivia  Newfoundland dog: Lexi (Ike x Louise)  Newfoundland dog: Finley (Ike x Willow) with Santa  Paddington Bear (Ike x Willow) Newfoundland dog: Gerda (Ike x Mabel) 
Lexi & Olivia Lexi Finley  Paddington Bear Gerda 

 Landseer Newfoundland: Doyle (Excalibur x Penny) Newfoundlands: Oliver (Excalibur x Penny), Willow & Ella Blue  Newfoundland dog: Finnegan Chadwick Newfoundland dog: Ursi (Boss x Cookie) & friends enjoy a Christmas day stroll
Doyle Oliver-Cornelius Finnegan Chadwick  Ursi


November (2015):


Newfoundland pup: McKinley (formerly Rouge) Newfoundland pup: Raven (formerly Marlee) Newfoundland image: Oliver (formerly Cornelius) and his friend Willow
McKinley Raven Oliver-Cornelius & Willow


Newfoundland pup: Paisley (formerly Paige) Landseer Newfoundland: Doyle Newfoundland puppy: Rosie Goffin (formerly Fiest)
Paisley Doyle Rosie


Newfoundland pup: Henry VI (formerly Ramses) Newfoundland pup: Otis (formerly Luke) Newfoundland pup image: Augusta (formerly Sophie) Newfoundland dogs: Bubba (formerly D'Artagnon) & Winfrey 
Henry VI Otis Augusta  Bubba & Winfrey 


September /October (2015):

Landseer Newfoundland: Barnaby (Ike x Navy)  Newfoundland dogs: Moufle & Gerda (Ike x Mabel pups) CIBC Walk For The Cure!  Newfoundland dog: Avalon (Schooner x Navy)  Newfoundland dog: Baron (Ike x Mabel) 
Barnaby  Moufle & Gerda 
CIBC Walk For The Cure
Avalon  Baron 


Newfoundland half-sisters: Maggie (Cabot x Cookie) & Bailey (Boss x Cookie) Newfoundland dog: Lexi Newfoundland dog: Finley (Ike x Willow) in the pumpkin patch! 
Maggie & Bailey Lexi Finley 


I was  interviewed for an article inn Chill magazine.  The author of the article offers some great facts on the Newfoundland as well as some considerations to ponder when thinking about adding a Newf to your family....


I've recently had the pleasure of meeting William Ball of Glengarry, Ontario (and two of his dogs!).  He has writtenn "Life Among the Giants" a lovely, light-hearted account of sharing his life with four Newfoundland dogs..

Bill provides information on the history of the breed, grooming considerations, temperament, drool(!) and generally what to expect when you add 600 lbs of dog to your day!!

My favorite chapter is on the Therapy work that Bill does with his dogs.  Bill visits Retirement homes and his Newf, 'Rimshot', was the founding dog in the "Reading with Rimshot" program in Cornwall, Ontario, where children with  reading difficulties are encouraged to read to the dogs.  

Highly recommended reading for those considering adding a Newf into their lives.  Those who already have a Newf, will certainly appreciate the antics of Bill and his crew!!

20% of the sale of this book will be donated too Newfoundland Dog Rescue



Website last updated  January 29, 2016.  

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