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Ch Marcarpents The Rowdyman: "Rowdy"

OVC Hips Normal--013086

OVC Elbows Normal--013086

OFA Heart: NF-CA973/19M/P-PI

Cystinuria: NEWFCYS 1059

Ch Marcarpents The Rowdyman

Photo courtesy Marcarpents Kennels

Rowdy is the sire of our Rosie, and grandfather to our Navy, also making him Great grandfather to all of Navy's pups, so his adventures may be of interest to many of you.

In October 2009, Rowdy joined the family of William Ball, (author of "Life Among the Giants"), Ingrid Ball and their three other Newfs. 

Rowdy was bred by Nina Cote of Marcarpents Kennels.

Rowdy turned  14 years in September 2014.


Ch Marcarpents the Rowdyman with his neighbor

Rowdy receiving  his neighbor friend who visits every morning.

January 2015


Rowdy (Rosie's father) at almost 13 years of age

Rowdy (pictured with his owner's grandson) at the Newfoundland Dog National Specialty

May 2013





Rowdy at 11.5 years old  (January 2012)




Ch Marcarpents The Rowdyman  Ch Marcarpents The Rowdyman

Rowdy at  9 1/2 years old (January 2010).




 July 2011:

Rowdy & Ingrid

Rowdy & Ingrid

Bill and Rowdy have not been doing much therapy work this summer, as Rowdy was sprayed by a skunk. 

Read more about it here.



 July 2010:

Ch Marcarpents The Rowdyman

Was sitting out in the field reading this afternoon, dogs lying in varioius areas enjoying the breeze.  At one point I noticed the tent bouncing all over the place like there were two very "active " teenagers inside going at it ..

What it turned out to be was Rowdy in there trying to pile up a couple of cushions to a comfortable sleeping area .. Took him a few minutes and  the attached picture show that he was successful.

Bill (Rowdy's owner)


I thought it would be interesting and inspiring to follow Rowdy and Bill's work.  I know there have been a few people who have purchased pups, who have expressed an interest in doing Therapy work with their Newfs.  I thought it would be a good way to introduce us all to the wonderful benefits of Therapy work with dogs.  These benefits not only extend to the people the dogs visit, but also to the owners of the dogs, and the dogs themselves.

Rowdy was introduced to Therapy work before Christmas (2009) and his 'job' will start at the end of January. We will endeavor to keep his page updated with his new adventures:


 April 2010

Today I brought Molly and Rowdy. I spent the first 30 mins trying to separate the two of them . They both wanted to visit each person but together.  I would guide one of them to another part of the circle but they eventually ended up with both of their heads in the same persons lap and usually right where I happened to be sitting or standing .


There was one gentleman in attendance  by the name of Dave.  He was elderly and had advanced Alzheimers. He could barely move, could not lift his head, could not speak. When I brought one of the dogs to him he could hardly move his hand to pet the dog, but he tried. He obviously loved the dogs but could not communicate at all ..


Near the end of the session, I was just starting to think about gathering up our stuff and the dogs when Rowdy very suddenly and quickly left a lady he was visiting with Molly and very deliberately and quickly turned to go to the other end of the room (about 30 feet away) to where Dave was sitting alone with his head still hung down. He marched over there and immediately laid his head on Dave's lap.  The staff and I noticed this right away it was so obvious. He stayed there not moving his head for a good 10 minutes. Dave managed to get his hand on top of Rowdy's head but very little actual petting going on so it was not because of the attention that Rowdy headed over to him .


The last time I saw that kind of sensitivity was a couple of times with Rimshot and of course Bailey many years ago .. Was really nice to see. Once again these dogs amaze ..

Bill (Rowdy's owner)



Rowdy   Rowdy   Rowdy 

 March 2010



According to Bill (Jan 2010):

"Rowdy has started his "second" life - the one of indoor comfort, fireplaces, etc.  He is such a gentle boy. He has fit in with Molly, Seven & Annie as if he has been here for years.

We have had many Newfs over the years and have known Rowdy since his birth. Nevertheless we were amazed at just how gentle and unassuming this boy is.

 Because he is in heaven when he is  being scratched and touched by people, we know he is going to make a great therapy dog. His training now consists only of controlling him "giving his paw" when he wants some attention.  A five pound paw can hurt a senior who may not be prepared for it .. Apart from that he is ready !"

Ingrid & Rowdy

Rowdy and Ingrid

Rowdy, definitely adjusting well!

Rowdy and Molly



Celebrating Rowdy's first official Day of Therapy at Glen Stor Dun Lodge in Cornwall, Ontario. (January 2010)


From Bill:

"This was the Day Away Program where future residents of the facility are brought in for a day of various activities. This gives the care givers at home a break as well as helps these folks start to adapt to the environment.

Rowdy did really well, was comfortable in the environment and actually seemed to know that his job was to go from person to person ..  As you can see, he was welcomed by all."


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