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Water Work, Water Play

by Judi Adler



From the author:

Water Work, Water Play is a detailed training manual for Newfoundland water rescue work, based on the water rescue exercises devised by the Newfoundland Club of America. The book clearly and completely describes how to train your Newfoundland for successful water competition, taking you step by step through the training process, and then further, through proofing for success. It also has extensive chapters on puppy training, introducing the dog to water, helping the reluctant swimmer, teaching your Newf basic obedience, and retrieving training.

The chapter describing the history of the water test and how its exercises have changed over the years is fascinating reading. A glossary (brand new) clearly defines often confusing terms, and a greatly expanded index makes finding help or inspiration a snap. A source guide lists equipment and training aids.

Hundreds of photographs enliven this new edition. Dozens of sketches make the book easy to understand and fun to read. And even the casual Newfoundland owner with no interest in competitive water work will find many ideas and fun games that he and his dog can enjoy together.


To purchase this book please contact the author:

 Judi Adler of Sweetbay Newfoundlands



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