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  • Newf Rescue Canada: Resource website for Newf Rescue contacts across Canada.

  • Lanark Animal Welfare SocietyA non-profit organization, located near Perth, Ontario, dedicated to the welfare of animals. They have dogs and cats available for adoption.


Recommended Reading:

The Newfoundland: Early Care, Early Training by Judi Adler

Water Work, Water Play by Judi Adler

The Audible Nose: Training Your Newfoundland To Track by Judi Adler


Breeder Sites:

Photography & Art:

  • Christa Matthews Photography: A photographer for twenty years, Christa's work has encompassed everything from stills photography for movies to album covers for musicians, as well as weddings,  family portraits and pet portraits.

  • Muddypawz Photography: Renowned photographer, Wendy Beard,  specializes in pet portraits and action photography.


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Pet Supplies:

  • Dog Powered Scooter: The first dog powered device that puts the dog behind the steering wheel!  (Looks like a great way to exercise your dog.)

  • Treasure Coast:Purchase pet, grooming, or kennel supplies at wholesale prices.  Most orders ship within 48 hours.

  • KV Vet SupplyGeneral supplies and hard-to-find health-care products.

  • Pet Expo: Discount Pet Supplies




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